At a time when much of the modern Academy is laboring under limitations placed on speech, the community of scholars, students, and practitioners represented by ASMEA remains united in its dedication to academic freedom and the highest standards of research and teaching in the fields of Middle Eastern and African studies. Hailing from all backgrounds and around the world, members of ASMEA celebrate their regions of study and advance the body of knowledge with every paper they publish, conference presentation they make, and scholarly adventure they undertake in dusty archives and remote geographic locations. And, they do it with objectivity and professionalism.

To assist our member-scholars in their pursuit of objective truth, ASMEA provides its members with opportunities to research, publish, and share their ideas without litmus tests of any kind. But doing so, and building this community of scholars, requires help from committed donors who realize what is at stake if academic freedom is allowed to wither in our critically important disciplines.

ASMEA is the starting point for the next generation of scholars and teachers upon which Middle Eastern and African studies and our ability to understand these regions depend. ASMEA is a registered, 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible. 

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